Wakhi, Farsiwan

Wakhi, Farsiwan

The neighboring Wakhi, along with several thousand other Mountain Tajik whoare physically of the Mediterranean substock with Mongoloid admixture, speakDari and various eastern Iranian dialects. They live in small, remote villageslocated at lower altitudes in the Wakhan Corridor and upper Badakhshan. They areoften Ismaili Shi'a, but some are Imami Shi'a and Sunni.


Farsiwan are Dari-speaking village agriculturalists of Mediterranean substockwho live in the west near the Afghan-Iranian border or in districts of Herat,Kandahar and Ghazni provinces. Estimates for 1995 vary from 600,000 to 830,000.Most are Imami Shi'a; in urban centers some are Sunni.


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