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In the late 1980s, Albania's construction enterprises, which concentrated mostly on adding to the country's housing stock and industrial capacity, built about 14,000 dwellings annually. Uncertainties about landownership and problems with supplies of building materials, financing, and wages halted the construction industry in the early 1990s. The government legalized private construction firms, and private companies and individuals began applying to the Ministry of Construction for building permits soon after questions concerning property ownership were resolved. Reports in the national press included complaints that many people were constructing homes and buildings on property they did not own or on land better suited to mechanized agriculture. The government proposed a draft law to govern zoning and construction standards.

Cement factories were located in Elbasan and Vlorė, and there was a production facility for prefabricated concrete structures in Tiranė. Brick kilns were located in Tiranė, Elbasan, Korēė, Lushnjė, Dibrė, and Fier.

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